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The Siege of Knocklong (in the year 250ADE) tells the story of the march of the army of the High King of Ireland, Cormac Mac Airt, from Tara to Knocklong, to collect taxes from the people of Munster. The Druids considered the taxes were unlawful.

Knocklong, Co. Limerick is 210kms from Tara.

A spectacular journey through the heartland of Ireland, the Slieve Bloom way, up the Slieve Felim mountains and onto Emly and Knocklong.

Cormac Mac Airt and his army set up camp at Droim Dámhgháire, known today as Knocklong Hill.
Fiacha Moilleathan and the Munstermen resisted.
The Munster camp at Ceann Chláire - Glenbrohane was 3 kms away, and overlooking Knocklong Hill.

Cormac's army were defeated by the Munstermen and routed back northwards to the Cooley mountains

Map of the Route