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KILMAINE, CLAREEN to Áth and tSlua/Áth na nIarlann

The second day the army continued the march westwards towards Beagmhá and Kilmaine (Coill Mhéain) and over the southwest of Meath/Mí until they reached Áth and tSlua/Áth na nIarlann. Here they set up camp for the night.

Cormac's Druid, Crotha, left the camp and went to meet Fear Fátha, the Chief Druid of the territory of Áth an tSlua. Crotha went westwards and crossed the ford. At the ford he met Fear Fátha.

Fear Fátha inquired about the disturbance that had taken place. Fear Fátha prophetized the destruction of Cormac’s army because his claim for compensation was not justified. The horse attendants heard the druids conversation.

Cormac’s army crossed the stream to kill Fear Fátha but the druid caused the river to rise up while a large group of men were in the stream. The others rushed in to rescue them while the druid escaped. Cormac’s fairy druids calmed the river.

History of Seir Kieran from the children of Seir Kieran's N.S. Clareen

Offaly Historical and Archaelogical Society

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